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About us

Safety as a business agenda – for the protection of the environment as well !

To further advance the economic development of one’s own business and reduce environmental burden at the same time, is the challenge of a modern, future oriented corporate policy today.

We at Füchtenkötter help you to take responsibility for industrial and environmental safety.

Füchtenkötter relieves you of risky conditions and expands your economic mobility.


Leaves absorb harmful substances from the air Â… our filter systems as well
Füchtenkötter GmbHVentilation systems from Füchtenkötter

Like the leaves of a tree, our filter systems remove harmful substances from the air. Clean air – not only important for the working atmosphere.

Füchtenkötter GmbHThe trunk of a tree – a symbol for protection inwards and outwards.

Just like an equipment protection system from Füchtenkötter. Because it not only makes the operations flow safer, but also protects the employee.

Füchtenkötter GmbHA multitude of noise sources

at various machines, aggregates and workstations lead to a lack of concentration, resulting in a significant reduction of performance. Noise leads to health problems such as hardness of hearing. Therefore, reducing the noise level at the operation is an urgent task, for business as well as for humanitarian reasons.




Euroblech 2014
in Hannover










Wir haben was gegen dicke Luft in Ihrem Betrieb!


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